Lan Handling - Webinar pouch sustainability

A technical perspective on your pouch sustainability options

How about... your pouch sustainability options?

Worldwide, the demand for flexible (retort) pouch packaging is still increasing.


The advantages of pouch packaging in terms of convenience and lower transport volume are clearly visible. But, how about the sustainability and recyclability? A pouch must meet high expectations!

In this 20 min. webinar you will learn:

  • If you are using the most sustainable pouch.
  • How the sustainability ladder can help you focus on your goals.
  • A step-by-step approach to climb ‘the ladder’.
  • The relation between your pouch material and process related topics.

Read more about retort pouches.

Webinar pouch sustainability.


This webinar was developed together with DeeDee Pouch Professionals, who have been experts in pouch packaging for over 25 years. Thanks to our collaboration at mutual customers, we can provide you with interesting insights.

This Lan Handling webinar is presented by:

Webinar pouch sustainability

Speaker: Inge Louwers

DeeDee Pouch Professionals

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Marc de Vries

Host: Marc de Vries

Manager Sales
Lan Handling Technologies


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