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What is the positive impact of a tongue shuttle on a retort?

What is the positive impact of a tongue shuttle on a retort?

Together with our partner Steriflow, we discuss the latest developments related to retort loading.


Food safety and ergonomics are increasingly important within a retort room. Fully automated retort (un)loading can give your organization a major boost in the right direction. For example, when integrating a retort shuttle, with which takes the entire load in and out of the retort in one go.

In this 30 min. webinar we will..

  • Highlight Steriflows Industry 4.0 philosophy related to retorts.
  • Explain various ways of loading and unloading retort.
  • Point out the benefits of (un)loading retorts with a tongue shuttle.

Read more about our retort shuttle.

Lan & Steriflow


This webinar is a collaboration between Lan Handling & Steriflow, one of our retort partners for years.

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This webinar is part of a series that we published in the first months of 2022.

This Lan Handling webinar is presented by:

Pierrick Salvy - Steriflow

Speaker: Pierrick Salvy

Sales Manager


Marc de Vries

Host: Marc de Vries

Manager Sales
Lan Handling Technologies


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