Lan Handling - Webinar food safety

Challenge accepted! How we ensure a 100% food safe process

How to... ensure a 100% food safe process?

Don’t judge a product by its outside! This certainly applies to food sterilization processes.


You want to be 100% sure that you bring a safe and well-sterilized product to the supermarkets. Lan Handling gives you that assurance. We have integrated several smart functions into our solutions.

In this 20 min. webinar we will..

  • Guide you step by step through a pouch handling system
  • Point out some important safety checks we integrate in the loader, transport and unloader area
  • Share our recent developments with regard to vision systems and product sampling

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This webinar is part of a series that we published in the first months of 2022. We recently organized webinars about how to start with retort automation and making pouches more sustainable.

This Lan Handling webinar is presented by:

jorgen kocx

Speaker: Jörgen Kocx

Supervisor Software Engineering
Lan Handling Technologies


Host: Milou Jansen

Marketing Manager
Lan Handling Technologies


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