Lan Handling - Webinar Digital Twins

Digital Twins and simulation to design more efficient production plants!

How to.. design more efficient production plants?

By using Digital Twins and simulation techniques!


Lan Handling & Prespective are working on a phased approach when testing the potential of Digital Twins. The first focus is on showing food manufacturers an advanced simulation of their new production line, even before it is built.

In this 30 min. webinar we will..

  • Show the impact of digital transformation needs
  • The different stages in the ‘digital journey’ towards a fully adaptable system
  • Different forms of output: conceptual visualization, virtual testing and dashboarding
  • A live demo: building a Lan Handling retort system with industrial assets

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Lan & Prespective


This webinar is a collaboration between Lan Handling & Prespective by Unit040, our partner in identifying the potential of Digital Twins.

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This Lan Handling webinar is presented by:

Guido van Gageldonk - Webinar Digital Twins

Speaker: Guido van Gageldonk

CTO at Prespective by Unit040


Marc de Vries

Host: Marc de Vries

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