What is a variety pack process?

Variety packaging is a process where individual products are combined in a secondary packaging. Such as boxes, crates or shrink bundles. In the human and pet food market in which we operate, we see many multipack boxes as output (6-,8- or 12 packs). Regularly up to 4 different flavours.

Automated unloading leads to efficiency

Getting multiple items in a box is complicated. And in many cases, this packaging process is still done manually. However, the shortage of labor in production is increasing. So, all the more reason to look at automation solutions that can fill this gap.

Our automated unloading solutions interfaces effortlessly with all leading suppliers of secondary packaging systems. For example Somic, PWR, Douglas, Schubert and Cama Group.

Points to consider when automating:

Looking at batch retort processes in which products are sterilised, you can organise a variety pack process in several ways. As usual, each option has its own advantages and disadvantages. We highlight a number of important factors that affect the efficiency of your packaging machines. This way you can make an informed choice yourself.

Variety Pack unloader pouches
Variety Pack system unloader alu tray
  • arrow-checkmarkMake sure you can rely on a balanced and continuous infeed of your packaging machines, so that your case packers do not continuously stop when one of the flavors is missing.
  • arrow-checkmarkIf you opt for structured handling (tight patterns and 100% tray-filling), this increases the capacity and the ease of automatically unloading products towards your packaging machines.
  • arrow-checkmarkDo you only have 1 kitchen or filling machine at your disposal? Then organise your multi-flavor process from an intermediate storage.
  • arrow-checkmarkUnloading products from a temporary storage? Then consider whether it is economically wise to switch from a retort tray to a storage tray.
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