Semi-rigid container

For very high outputs of up to 500 units per minute

Plastic and aluminium

We have worldwide experience in


pot, cup and alu tray handling. Mostly semi-rigid plastic and aluminium containers. Technical options include linear sweep, magnetic or vacuum solutions or a robotic system. Various functions, such as (de-)stacking of trays, product handling and tray turning can be executed quickly and reliably by robot, with very high outputs of up to 500 units per minute being achieved with linear systems. We ensure a turnkey delivery, from discharge filler to the supply to packaging machines.

Inline tub dryer

We have developed an in-line dryer, especially for containers. By drying the tubs directly in the robot head after sterilisation, you prevent shifted products, mispicks and you maintain a small footprint handling system because no complex conveyor system is needed. With no residual water on top, your products are dry enough to be packaged immediately.

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Why Lan Handling?

  • arrow-checkmarkUp to 500 units per minute, 7.5 trays per minute
  • arrow-checkmark1 to 12 lanes supply and discharge
  • arrow-checkmarkLinear and robotic solutions
  • arrow-checkmarkSuitable for extreme wet environments
  • arrow-checkmarkEasy to clean stainless steel
Semi-rigid handling
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