Retort shuttle

Optimal integration with any sterilization vendor!

Retort Shuttle
Retort shuttle

How it works?

We use a ‘tongue’ to dock the retort and bridge the gap at the door. This includes a system for an accurate alignment and a chain conveyor to transfer your product carriers on and off the shuttle. A moveable tongue takes care of the loading and unloading. Above all: an integrated control interface guarantees 100% effective product sterilization.


Integration Connected Connects smoothly with our handling systems
Unique solution Unique tongue solution to load the retorts
Less maintenance No rotating chains that can break
Compatibility Compatible with all suppliers of retorts
Integrated control interface Guarantees 100% effective product sterilisation

Retort shuttle with unique tongue solution

Our retort shuttle can load and unload your retorts by an extending “tongue” that lifts the carriers and moves them inside the retort. In contrast to shuttles that use (rotating) chains for the transport of stacks, our shuttle and the retorts requires significantly less maintenance. That is because the tongue ensures that no moving parts are needed in the retort. And you benefit, because parts that are constantly functioning in a harsh environment wear out much faster and therefore require more maintenance.

Smooth connection
Our retort shuttle connect smoothly with our handling systems for pouchescans, jars and bottles and semi-rigid containers.

Retort Shuttle

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