Pouch handling

Your fast, flexible handling of up to 600 pouches per minute

Benefit from our in-house design

Our engineers program the robots and software for your pouch handling system.


By varying with standardized modules, you always get a customer-specific solution. Our flexible pouch handling system typically consists of a loader/unloader, robot, trays and conveyor belts. We have a lot of experience handling various retort pouch types.

How it works?

A robot efficiently fills your trays with pouches and stacks the trays. Then a shuttle transports your trays to the retort with a shuttle. When the sterilisation process is done, trays are de-stacked. The pouches first go through the inline dryer and then on to the packaging machines. The empty tray is tilted to ensure that it is empty. Left-over pouches are discarded. The empty tray returns to the loader area. 

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Looking for more flexibility?


You can simple adapt the robot head to start handling a different type of product packaging, like semi-rigid containers. In addition, you can benefit from our reversable trays for the handling of two stacking heights and two products at the same time. Our robot handling systems are equipped with different product loading patterns for different product sizes.

Also, nice fact:

It is possible to simultaneously load two different products of the same size on trays with only one robot.

Retort pouch handling tray for autoclave
Pouch handling robot

Robot handling: space saving

Compared to a linear solution (mostly used with cans and jars), robots need less space within a production line. Due to the compact design of current robot arms, we can even use this solution in limited space. Without compromising accessibility to the production line. Because we collaborate with various robot brands, there is always a solution that fits your needs.

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Multiple flavours? 1 Variety Pack!

Due to today's busy lifestyle, the demand for convenience is increasing.


In both the human food and pet food market, we see that the range of variety packs is increasing. It can be complicated to get multiple items in a box (for example, think about the availability of all flavors at the same time). To prevent this process from requiring a lot of manual work, Lan Handling Technologies has developed fully automated handling systems that ensure the highest possible efficiency.

Why Lan Handling?

  • arrow-checkmarkUp to 600 pouches per minute
  • arrow-checkmark1 to 12 lanes pouch supply and discharge
  • arrow-checkmarkSuitable for use in extreme wet environments
  • arrow-checkmarkEasy to clean robots
  • arrow-checkmarkAvailable robot brands: Kuka, ABB and Fanuc

Can your handling be more efficient?

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