Your robotic solution to save space and cut down on physically demanding work


Adjusted to your needs

Do your product or layer patterns change over time? No problem. Our palletizing robots can easily be reconfigured or relocated as your production line changes.

Capacity Capacity Up to 20 crates, boxes or bags per minute
Ergonomically sound No longer heavy work, back problems and pinched fingers
Footprint 8m2 footprint Designed to fit into small spaces. Several production lines can feed into one robot
Adjustable Boxes, bales, crates, sacks, totes and bottles. We handle it
Palletising robot brand Fanuc brand Industry-leading robotics
Integration Perfectly integrated With our crate (de-)stackers and bale arm folders

Flexibly adjusted

Our palletizing systems can be expanded into a fully automated palletizing solution with a pallet magazine, conveyors and wrapping or strapping systems.

We design our automated palletizing systems with a small footprint so that they fit easily into small spaces. For example: by incorporating several production lines into one robot. And one robot can load multiple pallet positions simultaneously. Low energy consumption guaranteed.

Case packing

Case packing

User-friendly system for efficiently loading bags, trays, stretch or flow wrapped products into crates or cardboard boxes.

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Destacker / stacker


Heavy duty stainless steel crate de-stackers and stackers with a capacity range from 15 crates to 30 crates. Integration unique bale arm folding system possible.

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Crate erector for folding crates

Crate erector

Make sure your crates are automatically unfolded. Compact design to maximise your valuable floor space.

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Bale arm folder

Bale arm folding

Using bale arm crates? Benefit from our unique folding system that places the stacking arms automatically in the correct stacking position.

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