In-line dryer

Ensures immediate packaging after sterilization thanks to proper disposal of residual water

In-line dryer
In-line dryer

Features in-line dryer

How to deal with residual water that remains on the product after the sterilisation process? This is a challenge faced by (pet) food producers worldwide.

Lan Handling Technologies has designed a unique in-line dryer, whereby the products are dried directly in the robot tool. By integrating the drying system into the unloading area of the handling system, we limit the handling and contact with the product. Also, no complex transport system is needed.

Drying Results Up to 0.02 grams of residual water per product
Smallest footprint 50% reduction compared to conventional solutions
Integration Integration In an unloader or transfer station
Variety pack Suitable for intermediate storage
Energy efficient Products come out the dryer ready for immediate packaging

Dry enough for immediate packaging…

We have designed a special extraction technique based on a product-based air flow.

What are the major advantages of this? The dryer is energy-efficient in terms of air consumption, and the products come out of the system extremely dry: results of up to 0.02 grams of residual water per product are possible. In this way, the products can be packed immediately after the sterilisation process.

In addition, integrating an in-line dryer helps to avoid the potential risk that the moisture can cause damage or wear and tear in the production environment over time.

… or storage!

If you produce variety packs, you may be using intermediate storage. For immediate storage, your products need to be dry enough. That is why we also integrate the in-line dryer in a so-called transfer station, where we transfer your products from a retort tray to a storage tray.

Water dripping from product at in line dryer for pet food pouches
In line dryer with robot tool holding pouches before placement on conveyor
pouches traveling through in line dryer

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