Drying systems

Your products dry enough to be packed immediately

De-water unit: controlled tilting of baskets

Our de-water unit can be used for


cans, jars and containers. We tilt the basket containing your products at a defined angle (up to 80 degrees!). The angle depends on the product type. After de-watering, your products go to the unloader. Ready for packaging!

  • arrow-checkmarkSingle of multiple stack positions
  • arrow-checkmarkTilt angle up to 80 (!) degrees

In-line drying: your products directly dried in robot head

Your gain?


No shifted products and therefore no mis-picks. We can supply an in-line dryer for pouches and semi-rigid containers. Our system has an excellent drying capacity and has a small footprint, because the drying of the products takes place directly in the robot head. So, you do not need a complex conveyor system. With no residual water on top, your products are dry enough to be packaged immediately after the sterilisation process.

  • arrow-checkmarkSmall footprint: 50% reduction compared to traditional systems
  • arrow-checkmarkHigh energy efficiency thanks to highly concentrated air flow
  • arrow-checkmarkNo emission of moisture
  • arrow-checkmarkGreat drying results up to 0.02 g of water on the packaging
  • arrow-checkmarkUser-friendly product format change

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