De-water system

Your products dry enough to be packed immediately

Drying system_dewater can
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Drying system: controlled tilting of baskets

(Pet) food producers who sterilize their products, will of course have to deal with a wet production environment. We recognize the aim in the industry to keep this wet area in a production hall as small as possible. This means that a proper disposal of residual water after the sterilization process is completed, is of great importance. To increase the reliability of the sequential packaging process, we have developed an in-line de-water system.

Diversity Suitable for cans, jars and semi-rigid containers
Adaptability Single or multiple stack positions
Product handling Compact Our dryers keep the wet area in the production halls small as possible
Defined angle Your product angled up to 80 degrees

De-water system for cans, jars or tubs

Our de-water unit can be used for cans, jars and semi-rigid containers. We tilt the basket or trays containing your products at a defined angle (up to 80 degrees!). The angle depends on the product type. After de-watering, your products go to the unloader and we transport them to your downstream equipment. Ready for packaging!

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