Dolly / crate loader

Ideal combination machine for fruit and vegetable packed in bags and nets.

Dolly & Krat lader
Dolly / Crate loader

Combi loader

Different retailers often prefer different product carriers. Our combined dolly & crate loader fulfils your needs. This combination machine is ideal for AGF products packed in bags and nets, as potatoes, carrots and onions. With major advantages: a smaller footprint and lower investment.

Combi loader Leading to lower investment costs AND a small footprint
Capacity 70-100 products per minute
Palletising robot brand Customized gripper change Automated and continuous gripper change
Integration Integrated Seamless integration with our bale arm folder, crate stacker and palletizer


Our dolly/crate loader expanses the efficiency in your production. This is partly due to the application of a changing automatic gripper. The switching from loading crates to loading dollies can be achieved by pressing only one button on the HMI. Because we have multiple docks, two crates can be loaded at the same time. This reduces movement on your production floor because full product carriers need to be changes less frequently.

Meat packing lines - case packer

Case packing

User-friendly system for efficiently loading bags, trays, stretch or flow wrapped products into crates or cardboard boxes.

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Destacker / stacker


Heavy duty stainless steel crate de-stackers and stackers with a capacity range from 15 crates to 30 crates. Integration unique bale arm folding system possible.

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Crate Erector Lan

Crate erector

Make sure your crates are automatically unfolded. Compact design to maximise your valuable floor space.

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Bale arm folding

Using bale arm crates? Benefit from our unique folding system that places the stacking arms automatically in the correct stacking position.

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