Crate destacker / stacker

Automate your heavy and expensive manual labour

Our crate stacker/ destacker excel in simplicity

Do you use reusable supermarket crates? Or crates for internal transport?


Then our heavy-duty stainless steel crate destacker and stacker are perfect for you. High capacity of 30 units per minute is possible. The speed depends on the weight and height of your crates or boxes. We have a solution for everything. What’s holding you back? Do away with heavy work, back problems and pinched fingers. And speed up your process!

Destacker / stacker for crates
Capacity Capacity Up to 30 crates, boxes per minute
Crates and boxes All brands and sizes
Integration Interfacing Fluent interfacing with case packers, bale arm folders or AGV's

A specialist separation system ensures


that your crates and boxes do not stick together during the whole process.

How it works?

First, we destack your crates or boxes  and present them to a robotic system. Then your products are formed for pick-up by the robot and loaded into the box or crate by a pick & place system. After loading, filled crates or boxes are stacked and fully automatically palletised.

5 reasons for End-of-Line automation? Read more!
Crates alignment in Destacker / stacker

Why Lan Handling?

  • arrow-checkmarkHighest capacity in the market
  • arrow-checkmarkCrates or boxes of all sizes
  • arrow-checkmarkConnection with Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV)
  • arrow-checkmarkHuge ergonomic benefits
  • arrow-checkmarkInstallation time: 1-2 days
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