Crate erector

Compact design to maximise your valuable floor space

Unfold your business with our crate erector

Benefit from optimum integration.


Our crate erector fits perfectly into a production line where you also need case packing or palletising, for example.

Are you ready for the next step in automation?

Our using-friendly system simplifies tasks for your operator and maintenance personnel. Time you have left for further developments. We are happy to share the experiences of our current customers with you.

You use foldable crates to save space and transport costs. Right?


Then make sure that you do not reverse this cost reduction by manually organising the unfolding of your folding crates. Not necessary! You can automate this labour-intensive task with the compact crate erector of Lan Handling Technologies. You achieve a high speed (capacity of up to 30 crates per minute) without sacrificing expensive floor space. Suitable for various types and sizes of crates.

Why Lan Handling?

  • arrow-checkmarkSuitable for multiple crate types
  • arrow-checkmarkSmallest footprint in the market
  • arrow-checkmarkCrate tipping = dirt removal
  • arrow-checkmarkZero change-over time
  • arrow-checkmarkBad crates automatically removed
Crate erector

Automatic pallet infeed

Our crate erector can be equipped with an automatic pallet infeed installation.


Do you receive your folding crates on a pallet? Then you can easily place this pallet on the pallet position in front of the crate erector using a forklift, for example. From this point on, the stacks of folded crates are automatically pushed into the machine. Would you like to take advantage of this extra option? Then make sure that your crates have the right orientation on the pallet, and go for maximum efficiency!

Suitable for which type of crates?

Almost all folding crates!

In recent years we have successfully installed crate erectors at various supermarket suppliers and customers in the fruit and vegetable market. For example EPS crates. Is your crate type not listed? Please do not hesitate to contact us. Chances are that we can also help you with the right solution.

crate erector
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