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What makes our case packer stand out? A high capacity, gentle handling and a small footprint.

Capacity Capacity Up to 160 trays per minute
Palletising robot brand Robot brand Fanuc, 6-axis for more complex movements
Compatibility Various high quality suppliers, like Mondini and Sealpack
Integration Interfacing Fluent connection with (de-)stackers, bale arm folder and palletisers
Flexibility Loads nets, bags, punnets, MAP trays, skinpacks and flowwrapped products in crates and boxes.

Fast and flexible case packing

Product handling in the food industry? Like meat, fish, poultry, ready meals or fresh produce? Then you can’t do without our high capacity pick and place systems.

A flexible industrial robot is the centre of our case packer. We finetune the robot arm for each pack format to optimise speed and careful positioning within crates, boxes or other secondary packaging.

Product changeover? You fix it quickly and automatically by simple program selection from the user-friendly operator HMI.

Case packing mechanical gripper
Case packing vacuum gripper
Case packing robot gripper
Potato packing in crates

Adapted to your product

Depending on your type of product, we use vacuum or mechanical grippers in the robot tool.

The vacuum solution is used for typical retail packaging, such as skin packaging, top sealed trays, flow-wrapped and stretch-wrapped packaging.

We handle vertical plastic fill and seal bags (VFFS), nets, bags for fresh food with mechanical grippers.

Easy to expand

You can easily expand your case packing system with crate stackers / destackers, a crate erector or palletising solution. Whatever suits your need?

Frequently Asked Questions about case packing

What is a case packer?

A case packer is a machine that automatically loads products in a case.

This case could be a cardboard box, crate or other secondary packaging. After loading the products, the case will be closed, stacked and is ready for palletising or shipment. This can be done for multiple product types such as nets, bags, punnets, MAP trays, skinpacks and flowwrapped products.

How does a case packer work?

A case packer picks up products from an infeed conveyor and places them in a crate or cardboard box. If needed, the case packing system can be complemented with a case erector, case sealer or case closers. To improve the handling speed, it is also possible to pre-format the products before picking them up.

There is a wide variety of case packers available, for each industry there is a solution. The Lan Handling case packer can handle half- and full size boxes and crates, and quickly switches its gripper to handle different product types and carriers. We have experience with several product types such as vegetables, meat, meat substitutes, fish and poultry for customers in the food industry.

Why should I automate case packing?

If case packing is the bottleneck in your production line, automating or improving this process is something to consider. Case packing is often heavy and repetitive work, so finding the people for this job is getting increasingly more difficult. A case packer can often do the work of 2 to 3 people, can run for 24 hours a day, and ensures continuity in your production.

A case packing machine could well be the first step in automating your production line, as our case packers are flexible and can handle automated or manual infeed.

What is the cost of a case packer?

The price of a case packer depends on a variety of factors, such as handling speed, type(s) of producttype(s), casetype(s) and other customer demands.

Request a quote to get an exact price.

What is case packing?

Simply put, case packing is putting products in cases. This is often still done by hand, but can be fully automated with the help of machines.

What is a top-load case packer?

A top-load case packer picks up the products and places them in a case with vertical movement. The top of the product carrier opens to receive the products.

What are the advantages of a case packing machine?

Automating your case packing process has lots of benefits, the most important ones are:

  • Saving on labor and labor costs
  • Improving ergonomics
  • Increasing the speed of your product handling
  • Limited product contact
  • Flexibility through minimal changeover time
  • Enables further line automation with crate destackers/stackers, crate erectors, bale arm folders and palletising machines.

What product, packaging and carrier types can your case packer handle?

Our case packers are suitable for several products, package types and industries, namely:


  • Onions
  • Potatoes
  • Carrots
  • Prepared salads
  • Meat
  • Fish
  • Poultry
  • Ready meals

Package types

  • Plastic bags (small and large)
  • Nets (small and large)
  • Cardboard trays
  • Pillow style packaging
  • Plastic trays (lid and top seal)
  • Skinpacks
  • MAP trays
  • Flow-wrapped and stretch-wrapped packaging
  • Fill and seal bags
  • Punnets


  • Crates (half- and full sized)
  • Cardboard boxes (half – and full sized)


  • Agri-food
  • Fruit and vegetables
  • Meat, fish and poultry
  • Fresh produce

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