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Canned food production line? Reduce your Total Cost of Ownership with a high output solution

With a sweep

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If you use cans or jars, handling based on linear motion with magnetic or sweep solutions may well be the best option. A linear system typically consists of a loader/unloader, conveyor belts and a shuttle for the transport of stacks into the steriliser. You can expand your canned food production line with a basking turning unit to efficiently dispose of products left behind. Or a de-water unit (tilt-angle up to 80 degrees) to remove excessive water left behind on the sterilised products.

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Up speed

With linear handling you generally achieve higher speeds


than with robot handling. The system delivers a very high output – up to 1,200 units per minute.

How it works?

We pick up your cans or jars directly from the filler. Then position them to form a nested layer. Each layer is separated from the product supply and swept to the basket. A lift unit lifts the layers into the basket. The standard capacity for baskets is up to 9 layers per minute.

Canned food production line
Canned food production line
Canned food production line - batch retort
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Why Lan Handling?

  • arrow-checkmarkUp to 1,200 cans or jars per minute
  • arrow-checkmarkUp to 9 layers per minute
  • arrow-checkmarkHandling all shapes and sizes
  • arrow-checkmarkProducts in steel, aluminum, glass and plastic
  • arrow-checkmarkSuitable for extreme wet environments
  • arrow-checkmarkEasy to clean stainless steel
Canned food production line

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