Simulate your retort room handling process

Soups, sauces, ready meals, wet pet food, canned vegetables or pharma products?

Which handling system suits best, depends among other things, on your product type, capacity and number of Stock Keeping Units (SKUs). Lan Handling Technologies is the expert in (sterilised) product handling, especially when it comes to innovative, cost-effective solutions that will prepare your production facility for a sustainable future.

Handling is a crucial part

Being connected to your fillers, retorts and packaging machines makes an efficient handling system a crucial part in your process, that requires high uptime and ultimate adaptability. How do you ensure 100% tray-filling if the fillers are out of sync? And what happens if a retort suddenly needs maintenance? You can now easily simulate these and other scenarios in our tool.

Retort automation products (food packages)
Simulation End of Line Process

With this simulation you can...

  • arrow-checkmarkIdentify potential bottlenecks in your production line.
  • arrow-checkmarkSee which lay-out suits best for an optimum product flow.
  • arrow-checkmarkFind out how to deploy your staff safely and efficiently.
Thijs van Gerven - Lan Handling

Thijs van Gerven

Sales Manager (sterilised) product handling

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Berry Geerts - Lan Handling

Berry Geerts

Sales Manager (sterilised) product handling

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