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The way to promote ownership and buy-in of your operators

End-of-Line automation; what is it like?

Handling bags or nets with potatoes, carrots or onions? Ready-meals like salad bowls? MAP-trays with meat, poultry or fish?


Chances are, that you are facing challenges such as a heavy workload, dealing with smaller batches and making a production line suitable for multiple product carriers. That is where the automation of Lan Handling Technologies comes into play!

We are the experts in design, construction and integration of End-of-Line solutions. Always according to our standard: high capacity + gentle handling + small footprint!

Training promotes ownership!

Due to the increasing shortage of (skilled) labor in production environments, a user-friendly handling system is more important than ever. We invite you to experience our interactive training.


Simulation = digital experience!

We have a real-time simulation of our case packer at your disposal that is directly connected to a PLC.


We use this setup for training purposes and at trade fairs, so you can experience the benefits of our End-of-Line machines yourself. Thanks to the PLC-connection, you can easily operate the case packer yourself via our user-friendly HMI. For example, you can experience how easy a change-over works by interchanging the necessary tools and restarting the line. Sorry we spoil the surprise! It wil take you less than a few seconds! Interested? Then check out the animation video of your case packer.

  • arrow-checkmarkPerforming a product change? Find out for yourself how easy it is!
  • arrow-checkmarkIncrease support and ownership among your operators.
  • arrow-checkmarkIdeal for preparing your staff in time for future changes.

Considering End-of-Line automation? 4 things to take into account:

Case packing crates Lan Handling

Ready for product (carrier) diversity?

Processing more than one type of product, your batch sizes decrease, or supplying your products in various product carriers at the request of the retailer? In that case, a flexible process is beneficial.

At Lan Handling we offer you a crate / dolly robot loader which can automatically switch between two different types of product carriers to load fresh produce products.

And thanks to the user-friendly gripper change systems in our case packers, so that your operators can carry out a product change within a minute? Check out this ready meal project.

Crate Erector Lan

Automate your labour-intensive tasks

Unfolding crates? Packing heavy loads or stacking boxes can cause back problems and pinched fingers.

This labour-intensive manual work can be easily automated by our stacker/de-stacker recently developed crate erector for foldable crates and palletising systems.

Take advantage or these high capacity solutions, which at the same time provide you huge ergonomic benefits. And, ever thought about a connection with AGVs?

Traceable crates Lan

Get started with traceability!

As a result of chain optimisation, we know your customers are increasingly demanding order picking in your plant. That is why seamless integration with ERP and MES packages is a must.

How do you manage the traceability of your products and adjust loading quantities in your production line?

We would like to discuss the possibilities and share our experience in this field with you!

Robot case packer simulation

Your employees in key-positions?

Automation can save on increasingly scarce and expensive personnel. It gives you the opportunity to deploy your employees on key positions, where they can add even more value to the process.

In practice, we often see that only one operator operates several case packers at the same time. That also applies to automated crate supply systems, bale-arm folders and crate de-stackers which can be added to the production line.

Take advantage of our (virtual) training to get your operators up and running quickly!

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