Retort pouch

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What is a retort pouch?

A retort pouch, also known as retortable pouch, is a flexible or semi-rigid food package that can withstand thermal processing, like sterilisation up to 121 °C.


The result? A product that is sterile and ready for long-term unrefrigerated storage. Retort pouches are used for a wide range of products, including soups, sauces, meat packs, ready meals, wet pet food and baby snacks.

Why producing retort pouches? 3 big benefits

Flexible retort pouch packaging is still a fast growing segment globally.


Consumers see the convenience of the user-friendly pouch packages, for example while traveling. At the same time, the demand for sustainable, recyclable packaging is increasing. A retort pouch must therefore meet high expectations.

  • arrow-checkmarkCompared to cans and jars, pouches can be produced with much less packaging material - up to 80% - and unfilled pouches take up less space, reducing transport costs.
  • arrow-checkmarkAs the number of single-person households and the aging population increases, the target group of pouch users becomes larger. Pouches are suitable packaging for on-the-go and convenience meals.
  • arrow-checkmarkStand-up pouches offer you various design options and sizes ensure that your product stands out on the shelf.
Pouch handling
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What challenges you need to tackle when producing retort pouches?

#1 - Variation in product size


Following the market trends, you might be thinking about a variation in Stock Keeping Units (SKU’s). More and more we see that there is a specific product type for each type of consumer. That is why we specialise in configuring quick and easy exchange systems to ensure flexibility in your production line. Our special reversable tray, for example, can be used for loading both large and small pouches.

In this case we handled the following SKU’s within one pouch handling system: 225g, 500g, 550g and 2000g. But our handling systems are also equipped for the more smaller pet food packaging, like 50, 80 or 100 grams.

#2 - Drying your pouches


After completing the sterilisation process and unloading the retorts, the following challenge appears. Getting the pouches as dry as possible, so they can be immediately packed. What you may not know is that you do not need a complex transport system for this. Pillow pouches, stand-up pouch (with often a harder to dry gusset!) and spouted pouches: they all have their own points of attention when it comes to drying. Thanks to our extensive experience, we have developed an inline dryer.

How it works? The inline dryer dries your pouches directly in the robot head. Your advantage: a small footprint solution without shifted products and mis-picks. Results of only 0.04g of residual water per product can be achieved.

Pouch Sustainability ladder - Dee Dee

#3 - Climb that sustainability ladder


By choosing pouch as your packaging type, you contribute to combating food waste. Pouches have the great advantage of resealability, so that no product has to be thrown away unnecessarily. But how about the sustainability of your pouch packaging itself? This depends on the amount and types of plastics used. Do you have green ambitions with regards to pouch packaging? DeeDee Pouch Professionals will help you climb the sustainability ladder!

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