Project: Moespom - Belgium

Fully automated packing and palletising process
Moespom automation

The challenge

Moespom is a successful family business that specializes in its own cultivation, additional purchasing, processing and packaging of potatoes.


Moespom attaches great importance to a customer-oriented approach and therefore offers various packaging options. Lan Handling supplied a compact combi loader for this.

The challenge? Connecting the End-of-Line automation to the existing production lines, with a high degree of flexibility.

Location Belgium, Moerzeke
USP Compact combi loader for crates and dollies
Diversity Loose potatoes and various kg bags

The solution

Lan Handling provided a fully automated packing and palletising process at Moespom, for the processing of loose potatoes and potato bags.


How it works? Stacks of folding crates are placed on the pallet entry position with a forklift and automatically pushed into the crate erector.

Potato bags in crates

After unfolding at high speed, we transport the folding crates to the dolly/crate loader. A bag merger ensures that the input of the potato bags is merged: from 2 streams to 1 stream with bags, at a speed of a maximum of 45 per minute.

Lan Handling’s compact combi-loader ensures that the bags can be placed in folding crates as well as dollies. A different gripper is required for loading these product carriers: this change takes place automatically.

Loose potatoes

Moespom also has the option of filling the folding crates with loose potatoes immediately after unfolding, after which they are transported directly to Lan Handling’s palletiser. The filled folding crates can be placed in two pallet docks on different pallet sizes.

Moespom automation
Moespom automation

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