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We realize innovative product handling projects all over the world. More specific, we are specialized in retort loading and unloading systems and end-of-line automation. We have extensive experience in the (baby) food, beverage, pharmaceutical and pet food industry. Our solutions are customised, based on standardised concepts.

Below you find some of our turnkey projects.

Retort room can
Project Hak stazakkelijn

HAK - Netherlands

We developed an extremely flexible robotic system on just 350 m2 (!) for the handling of ready meals in stand-up pouches at HAK. How? Among other things, by using only one robot and developing a special tray to handle multiple product sizes.

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Partner in Pet Food project

Partner in Pet Food - Czech Republic

A semi-automatic production line for wet pet food in pillow pouches at Partner in Pet Food. Transport takes place with trolleys. We integrated a lot of quality features like a printer, flattener and sampling unit, to meet the high demands for food safety.

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kormotech product handling

Kormotech - Lithuania

At Kormotech, we installed 3 robot loaders an 2 unloaders in their new factory in Lithuania. In order to achieve reliable packaging processes after sterilisation, we integrated our unique in-line dryer to ensure the pouches are dry enough for immediate packaging.

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VC petfood shuttle

VC Petfood - Germany

In order to respond to the market trend, VC Petfood decided to bring the production of their wet pet food in-house. We integrated a fully automated can handling system (4 different sizes), consisting of a basket loader, unloader, retort shuttle and de-water unit.

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Special Dog Lan Handling pouch

Special Dog - Brazil

Special Dog Company, the Brazilian leader in dry pet food, decided to enter the fast-growing wet segment. We designed a future proof pouch handling system with in-line dryer and provided fluent interfaces with other A-quality brands.

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Heemskerk fresh

Heemskerk fresh & easy - Netherlands

We installed several robot case packers with a user-friendly interchangeable gripper system for running 3 types of salad dishes (oval, square, hexagonal) at Heemskerk fresh & easy. Including placement in customer-specific box.

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Hoogvliet automation

Hoogvliet Slagerij - The Netherlands

A fully automated and state-of-the-art DC in Bleiswijk! No fewer than 7 case packing systems efficiently load various types of MAP trays and patterns into crates at Hoogvliet Slagerij.

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Jansen-Dongen automation

Jansen-Dongen - The Netherlands

Multiple fully automated packing lines at Jansen-Dongen for the handling of potatoes, onions and carrots. Including crate erectors, robot cells and palletisers.

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Moespom automation

Moespom - Belgium

Automation of the entire packing and palletizing process at potato processor Moespom in Belgium. Efficient use of the production line for both loose potatoes and potato bags.

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Cockerill - United Kingdom

Automation of the packaging process, starting with loading dollies and crates at Cockerill in York. Continuous production flow with an automatic gripper for potatoes in plastic and raschel bags.

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Mowi - Scotland

Supplying a turn key end-of-line solution at Mowi in Rosyth. Which rotates the skinpacked salmon 180 degrees for the most efficient crate filling.

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Nestlé, Mars, Del Monte, Hilton Food Group, HAK, Hipp, ConAgra Foods, Böhmer, Heemskerk Fresh & Easy.

We have done hundreds of projects at major global players and local food processing companies. So, chances are that there is a project that fits your situation.

  • arrow-checkmarkTurnkey and customised solutions, based on standardised concepts
  • arrow-checkmarkIn-house building and testing prior to installation at your plant
  • arrow-checkmarkFluent interfacing with and integrating of third party equipment (e.g. fillers, sterilizers, packaging machines, box erectors)

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