Kick-off Lan project: intuitive HMI

Goals: user-friendly interface, minimum downtime and short delivery time

Let's get it started

In the coming period


we will talk to various customers about their experiences. The first feedback and tips are promising! Do you also want to think along? Please contact us!

How do we ensure


that our products continue to meet customer requirements? By involving them in the development! This also applies to the development of a better HMI.

Yesterday we had the kick-off of this project with our Dutch client HAK!


Goals of this project?

  • arrow-checkmarkAn intuitive and extremely informative and robust HMI that can easily access data with a future OEE / TPM platform. Data insight is the basis for minimal downtime.
  • arrow-checkmarkA simple and standardized HMI to ensure a short delivery time and acceptable price level.
  • arrow-checkmarkA modern and user-friendly interface, comparable to high-tech applications that people also use in their daily lives. Consider the design on smartphones and augmented reality applications.