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During these webinars, we discuss the latest trends and innovations from the food industry, some of them in collaboration with our leading chain partners.

Topics on retort automation we highlight:

  • 5 Things to consider before starting with retort automation
  • A technical view on pouch sustainability goals, together with DeeDee
  • How we ensure a 100% food safe handling process
  • The positive impact of a tongue shuttle on a retort, together with Steriflow
  • Using Digital Twins to design more efficient production plants, together with Prespective
  • How to deal with multi pack for the wet pet food industry, together with Schubert Group

Topics on end-of-line automation we discuss: 

  • Sustainable packaging for meat products, together with Multivac
  • How we handle limited floor space challenges
  • Challenges and benefits when integrating AGV’s, together with AGV International
  • How we ensure a future-proof ready software integration

Attending our webinars is free. We hope to see you soon!

Webinars on retort automation

Webinar Retort Automation

Webinar - 5 Things to consider when taking the first steps towards retort automation

Join our webinar for insights that can help growing companies make the right choices in automation level, in order to realize a future-proof factory.

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Webinar - A technical perspective on your pouch sustainability options

Join our webinar to learn more about a step-by-step approach to climb ‘the sustainability ladder’, together with DeeDee Pouch Professionals.

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Webinar Food safety

Webinar - How we ensure a 100% food safe process

Join our webinar and follow us on our journey through a pouch handling system and all the safety checks we have integrated.

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Steriflow webinar

Webinar - Positive impact of a tongue shuttle on a retort

Join our webinar to find out more about the positive impact of a tongue shuttle system on a retort, together with Steriflow.

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Webinar Digital Twins

Webinar - Digital Twins to design production plants

Join our webinar to discover the potential of digital twins and simulation to design more efficient production plants, together with Prespective.

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webinar variety packs

Webinar - Variety Packs for pet food

Join our webinar and find out the benefits of the right automated solutions when dealing with a variety pack process, together with Schubert Group.

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Webinars on end of line automation

Lan Handling webinar Multivac sustainable packaging

Webinar - Sustainable packaging for meat products

Join our webinar on sustainable packaging and learn everything you need to know about making your products more sustainable, with our partner Multivac.

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Webinar - Small footprint solutions

Join our webinar to discover how to automate your production using minimal floor space, and learn about the different dolly/crate loading and case packing systems.

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webinar dino floris

Webinar - Industry 4.0 ready

Join our webinar and find out how industry 4.0 and smart manufacturing can make your production more predictable in terms of machine availability, production planning, operating costs and maintenance.

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Webinar – AGV integration

Join our webinar to learn how you can implement automated guided vehicles (AGV’s) into your production and warehouse processes. We tell you all about it with our partner AGV International.

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