Lan sponsors Go for Africa 2020

ROC Tilburg students getting started for better technical education abroad

Ready. Set. Go (for Africa)!

Dylan, Bob, Mark, Koen and Chies are ready. Their unique internship project Go for Africa starts on 2 February 2020. From the Netherlands, a total of 19 teams with a self-repaired car cover about 7,000 kilometers in three weeks through adventurous terrain towards West Africa. In Senegal, Gambia and Mauritania, ROC students are committed to transferring technology knowledge to the local population during an internship period of 7 weeks.

Follow our two teams in a number of nice vlogs!

Team 8: Dylan, Bob en Mark

We are Dylan, Bob and Mark: students of Mechatronics. Together we form the DyBoMa Team!

A few nice facts about our 10-week Go for Africa internship:

  • Our final destination? Senegal.
  • We are going to teach students about electrical engineering and installation for 7 weeks, by doing electrical practicals.
  • We have built electro-practicum boards that we use while teaching. Important: these electrical boards can also be used after we have returned to the Netherlands.

Why do we participate?
It is a great adventure: we teach the students a bit of technology and help the schools to develop further, as there are few technical facilities. We are curious about the culture and ways of life of the population in the country. In addition, we learn a lot from dealing with people and living in an unknown environment. This will be a journey we will never forget!

Team 16: Koen en Chies

Hello, Koen (mechatronics) and Chies (mechanical engineering) here!

We are two students from the ROC Tilburg who are ready for a great adventure: Go for Africa. After our three-week drive, we arrive at our first location: a school in The Gambia.

Our projects abroad?
We are going to teach students to weld, grind, drill, etc. In short: we will be teaching the basic work of metalworking. We have worked out a few projects that we are going to carry out there at the schools, with which we hope to offer them something useful and to learn something. When we are finished in The Gambia, we may continue to other schools to also run projects there.

We must fully grasp the opportunity to do our final internship in such an adventurous way!

Why Lan & Go for Africa?

It is the drive that fits.

Since 90% of our machine lines are built up abroad, our colleagues love foreign adventures. Working at Lan (and especially on site) means collaboration. It requires adaptability and a good dose of inventiveness: by taking a lot of initiative, new doors are opened and more things are possible than you had previously thought. The Go for Africa project fits in perfectly with this. The ROC students consciously opt for a groundbreaking experience and become acquainted with many cultures. You see, just like Lan, they are ready to get things moving.

We have two locations in the Netherlands: you will find us in Berkel-Enschot (Tilburg) and Halfweg (near Amsterdam). And one in Jacksonville, North America.

Check our vacancies, internships or read the story of our colleagues Kevin, Floris or Thijs.

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