Nomination for BORT 2019 Entrepreneur Award

A reward for almost 50 years good entrepreneurship.

Lan takes Silver!

The annual presentation of the BORT Award took place on Wednesday 9 October.


Congratulations to Claassen Logistics, who won the local BORT 2019 Entrepreneur Award. Lan Handling Technologies is proudly sharing the second step of the podium together with ART Group!

By moving to the new high-profile location in the municipality of Tilburg and the state-of-the-art sustainable building, Lan has put itself firmly on the map in local business.

Nominees for the BORT Award must largely meet a number of criteria:

  • Bonding and social involvement with the city of Tilburg.
  • Innovative capacity: continue to think innovatively.
  • Engagement: master of finding inspiring solutions.

Our CEO Kees van de Wiel


“Lan is working hard and it is nice to see that this does not go unnoticed. Although we do international business, the connection with the Tilburg region is very important to us. About 50% of our colleagues come from here. Their commitment and dedication determines the succes of our company. “

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Lan Handling Tilburg

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From our state-of-the-art building in Berkel-Enschot, we make product handling systems for the global food industry.
We specialise in the handling of sterilised products, like soups, preserves, ready-made meals in a bag.