Getting started with Digital Twin Technology

Lan sees great benefits for customers in the food industry

Lan goes the extra mile

Lan is an expert in engineering and integrating handling systems for the food industry.


“But our approach goes beyond the level of supplying machine equipment only”, says Rogier Nabbe, Product Manager at Lan Handling Technologies. “The evolution of Smart Industry and the ever-evolving Internet of Things (IoT) gives us the opportunity to create added value for our customers in the food handling industry. Digital Twin Technology, known from the gaming world, enables us to offer our customers a real-time simulation of a physical Lan production line in which the status of our machines is visualized using OEE and TPM data.”

4 big benefits of implementing Digital Twin

Lan plans to use the digital twin technology during various project phases.


This provides the following benefits:

  • arrow-checkmarkDuring the sales process, we can show our customers an advanced simulation of their new production line, even before it is built. Based on this clear visualisation, our customers can indicate which changes may still be needed to implement all wishes.
  • arrow-checkmarkThe lead time of our projects is considerably shorter. We can test software and hardware virtually, no physical production line is required. The commissioning duration on site is limited to a minimum.
  • arrow-checkmarkWith a realistic Digital Twin we can start training at an early stage. Also consider Augmented Reality (AR) or Virtual Reality (VR) applications to train the local technical staff, so that production can start quickly after delivery.
  • arrow-checkmarkOnce the system is 'running', we access data via the Digital Twin. Our customers see the production volume and efficiency of their production lines (OEE) and the best consistent efficiency possible (TPM). The aim is to adjust parameters that fall outside their specifications in time and to make maintenance predictable.
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Getting ready for Interpack 2020!

Together with


Unit040 from Eindhoven, Lan Handling Technologies is working on the PREspective platform to develop the first simulations of the production lines for both sterilised product handling and end of line automation. During Interpack 2020 in Düsseldorf, from 7 to 13 May, our customers and visitors can experience the benefits of simulations in the Digital Twin in an accessible and interactive way. Common scenarios in a production process can be simulated, whereby the effect of actions is immediately visible.

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