Students visiting Lan

Students studying Mechanical Engineering or Industrial Automation at Avans in Den Bosch again will be visiting Lan this school year. After several years of good partnership, Lan has been included in the curriculum, as a project for the minor ‘Machines in Motion’. We are very proud of this fact, and look forward to it!

What will be going on?

For a couple of weeks, a total of 50 students will work on a fun but challenging assignment. This will introduce them to and lets them use technology that can also be found in our Lan Handling machines. Jörgen Kocx, Supervisor Software Engineering at Lan Handling, explains:

“Students are developing a robot tool that can pick up beer crates. This means a project from A to Z: from designing the tool to writing the software. The students go from concept to prototype in 3 weeks, which they test live on a robot on the finals day at Lan.”

“They will experience a design process in a highly dynamic environment, where the challenge is to take the right steps within a short time to arrive at a working concept. For Lan, an excellent way to get to know the students who are in the final stage of their studies.”

In touch with more schools

Besides Avans in Den Bosch, Lan has been working successfully with technical schools in the region for many years, including the ROC in Tilburg and the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. For example, we sponsor the ROC’s Go 4 Africa project and are active at various (company) days.

And this is bearing fruit. Every year, we have interns from various fields of study working on innovative projects within the company. The result: many colleagues who once did an internship here are still working at Lan today! So a great way to stay in touch with the new generation of engineers and at the same time give something back to society.