Innovative mastery

There is a good chance that the can of peas in your kitchen is made with handling systems from Tilburg.

Because of the impact Lan Handling makes in the field of smart industry and sustainability in the chain, it has been named Impactmaker of the quarter.

Social sofa
In recognition of this, alderman Bas van der Pol presented a miniature social sofa during the visit to Lan on 10 June. “We can be sincerely proud of a company like Lan. They are the paragon of innovative manufacturing industry and a worldwide established name that has remained loyal to Tilburg despite an enormous growth spurt. The strength of entrepreneurship in Tilburg lies in the continued development and application of new technologies. Lan also demonstrates this: they work closely with educational institutions to become better, more innovative and more sustainable.”

Lan Handling impactmaker

Presentation of the social sofa

Left: Kees van de Wiel (Lan Handling). Right: Bas van der Pol (Municipality of Tilburg)

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