Case study: flowwrap cookies

Check how we have more than halved the production space
at a cookie factory thanks to our robotic solutions

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#1: Cookie processing and packing specialist (UK)

We have automated the flowwrap packaging line at one of the world’s largest family-owned food companies.



This leading global supplier to the foodservice, in-store bakery and retail wanted to optimise their end-of-line production process and to reduce the labour costs. So this customer has bought our innovative handling systems. In this case, we integrated box erectors, case packers and palletisers into their flowwrap packaging line.

  • Old situation
    3 sites with little space for capacity increase and automation.
  •  New situation
    3 sites moved into 1, with automation in mind. We have installed 2 robotcells and 3 palletising robots.
  • How it works?
    Box erector builds the box and together with flow-wrapped cookies, muffins and cakes are fed to our robotcell at speeds of 100 packs per min. The products are formed in a square and picked up by the robotgripper and placed in a box. The boxes are closed automatically and fed to our palletising system. Sheets are fed to the pallets by our robot as well as the boxes in long side and short side leading pattern.
  •  Payback period
    <2 years

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Mark de Boer

Technical Sales Manager

Wouter de Lange

Operations Director End Of Line