The Product Journey

Discover the expertise of Lan Handling? Join the journey of the products we handle.

The Product Journey

At Lan Handling Technologies, we have a story to share.


With more than 50 years of experience in the automation of food sterilisation processes, our colleagues can tell like no other what we are good at. But, wouldn’t that be too easy?!

Your products take the stage!
Those millions of pouches, cans, jars and tubs that you produce every year;
what do they actually think of our Lan solutions? To find out, for a change, we let the most iconic products we handle, take the stage. We follow Peter, Colonel, Jenny and Tina on their journey across your handling systems.

Lan Journey

Peter Pouch

Food type: Wet Pet Food, Baby Food, Ready Meals, Soups, Sauces

Pillow, stand-up, spouted pouches

What I appreciate:

  • Flattening for optimum handling
  • Adjusted robot tools
  • Expertise in specific product behavior based on liquid or solid content
  • In-line drying without extra handling or additional space
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Lan Journey

Colonel Can

Food type:  Energy Coffee Drinks, Vegetables,Seafood, Beans, Wet Pet Food, Soups

Aluminium, steel, seamed and easy-open cans

Important handling topics I tell my men:

  • Fast and easy product size change-over
  • Product sampling solution
  • Dewatering to ensure reliable labeling and packaging
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Lan Journey

Jenny Jar

Food type: Vegetables, Baby Food, Dairy products, Sauces, Soups

Both round and square jars

My favorites:

  • Gentle basket loading to avoid glass breakage
  • Sweep, magnetic and vacuum handling solutions
  • Dewatering to get rid of residual water after sterilisation
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Lan Journey

Tina Tub

Food type: Wet Pet Food, Ready meals, Baby Food, Rice, Pasta

Pots, cups, alu tray, split-tubs

Things I can’t live without:

  • Minimum handling to avoid product damage
  • In-line drying to ensure immediate packaging
  • Multi-flavor packaging solutions
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Automated handling systems

Lan Handling Technologies specialises in automated handling systems for the loading and unloading of retorts, also known as autoclaves.


More specific, we design automated systems for batch retorts. In such a batch retort process, several product carriers (baskets or a stack of trays) with large quantities of food product are loaded into a retort. At Lan, we define several levels of automation. We can consult you with regard to fully automated handling systems, this is called an Automated Batch Retort System (ABRS). But also semi-automatic variants in which only the loading and unloading of retorts takes place manually, are possible.

Brands & customers we work for

From established names to fast-growing start-ups:

we have a handling solution that suits your needs.

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