Mabel- Mechanic

About her job at Lan Handling Technologies

Every day is different at Lan, and because of that variety I am always learning new things!

What drives you:
Mainly the team. Going through the process together from getting an order in, discussing and building it, to running a successful installation.

Possibilities for continuous development at Lan also motivates me. Because of the varied work, I learn something new every day, and so I continue to broaden my knowledge.

My advice to new colleagues:
Asking questions is greatly appreciated. Together we ensure the successful completion of a project, which is only possible if you are well informed. Additionally, you get to know your colleagues quickly, although a game of ping pong during the break also helps a lot!

My day in a nutshell:
Component assembly, electrical wiring, and pneumatics. As a mechanic, I am responsible for all parts of a project. Additionally, I install test fixtures, and assist in IO testing. Once everything is ready, I travel abroad with my team to install the project at the customer’s site.

What do you like about working at Lan?
One of the things I like is the variety that my work brings. Every day is different. I could start my day building a gripper, and ending it while wiring an electrical cabinet. Because every machine line is different, it’s always a challenge.

My colleagues are a really nice team to work with. No matter which department you walk by, there is always a friendly atmosphere. People are open and ready to help with your problems.

There is a good balance between young and old at Lan, which works well together. I do stand out a bit more among the men, as a female technician. However, I don’t notice this at all, you are just a colleague, like the rest of the team.

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