Marketing & Communications Specialist (Tilburg)

Also known as: the trendwatcher

What does your day look like?

Lan Handling

Finally! The production manager of a major food manufacturer you've had your eye on for so long has made a move.


You will see activity on the various dashboards at your disposal. You grab a cup of coffee and immediately walk past your sales colleagues to determine the next steps of your account-based marketing plan. Great, that gives energy for the next campaigns to come. Before lunch, you will have a phone call with our videography partner to explain your briefing and timelines.

In the afternoon you will first have a short meeting with the Engineering department. You’ve heard that a new in-line dryer has been developed and that seems like a perfect topic to create new content about. Great catch: you collect information, images and videos. This is something you can work with! Once back at your desk, you continue working on a plan to further develop the employer brand. You have some great ideas for this and you would like to present them soon HRM.

Time to close? Almost. You see a WhatsApp coming in from your colleagues from Halfweg who are installing a line in Australia. That machine is already running great! You decide to put this message on the intranet in advance. Tomorrow you will be at our location in Halfweg and you can discuss how we can drop this footage on the social channels.

How you get things moving:

We offer

A completely new supermarket experience. Huh, what?! Really.


Once you come to work at Lan Handling, shopping will never be the same again. From that day on you pick up cans, jars, pouches everywhere. Just to check: yes, we also handle this product with our machines! But, of course, that’s not all.

Lan Handling
  • arrow-checkmarkA working environment full of opportunities to develop further. Good idea? Any training wishes? Discuss it with your supervisor and get started.
  • arrow-checkmarkA desk with a view! And good coffee.
  • arrow-checkmarkFlexible working hours, so that you can make time for sports, hobbies or just to take your children to school quietly in the morning.
  • arrow-checkmarkIn addition to 25 vacation days, you also get 13 days paid leave. So, you have enough time to do fun things in addition to your work.
  • arrow-checkmarkAn annual profit-sharing benefit. Because we feel that we do it together and everyone contributes to a positive result for the organisation, you also benefit from a financially successful year.
  • arrow-checkmarkGood travel expenses.
  • arrow-checkmarkJoin us for a Trabant ride, a tandem ride to the Trappist monastery or shine during one of the other fun activities organised by our staff association.
  • arrow-checkmarkTasty treats when someone's birthday ... or when we have sold a cool project again!

You apply easily via this website.


Screening. Within three days you know whether you are selected for an interview.


You drop by for a cup of coffee. Ask us all your questions.


We make you a suitable offer.


Welcome to Lan. Your career boost starts here!


Questions? More info? Please contact us.

Marketing Manager

Milou Jansen

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Marketing & Communications Specialist
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