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That is equal to: a challenging assignment, multidisciplinary work and plenty of room for personal initiative.


In short, with us you can show what you have to offer and grow in what you enjoy doing. At our locations in Berkel-Enschot and Halfweg you can apply annually for an internship or a (duo) graduation assignment. Experienced and enthusiastic colleagues ensure that you gain your first work experience with a big smile!

Lan Handling

Cooperation with schools

roc tilburg

ROC Tilburg

We work together with Mechatronics, Engineering and Administration and provide approximately seven internships per year. Join us at the annual open day at ROC!

tech internship avans

Avans Hogeschool

Each year we offer two to four internships for students in Mechatronics, Industrial Automation, Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. Want to know more? Drop by at the Avans speed dates.

Koning Willem I college

From Lan Tilburg we are present at the speed meetings of the Koning Willem I college in Den Bosch. In addition, we also examine final assignments!

ROC van Amsterdam

You can find our colleagues from Halfweg every year during the open day of the ROC in Amsterdam. Interested in (electrical) technology or software? Drop by!

Students' testimonials

stage matthijs

Duo-assignment: develop a loading unit

Matthijs (Mechanical Engineering student) graduated at Lan: “Together with three other students, two of which are software students, we got a great internship assignment: develop a module to get products into our machines at real speed during the test phase.”

Duo stage Tray Tilter Stacker Lan

Duo-assignment: improve tray tilter stacker

Our job? Improve the current tray tilter stacker in terms of technology, operation, use and costs. Penny & Diederik, Electrical Engineering students, tell their story! “Working in a multidisciplinary team provides instructive discussions!”

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Put your knowledge into practice?

Check out the short (Dutch) film and find out from students what a Lan internship is like! Interested? Please contact us.

Matthijs (age 24):

I studied mechanical engineering. In my last year, I chose to graduate at Lan.


What I liked most about the tech internship? The assignment was addressed as a real project, including design review meetings and advice from a project manager. However, the best part was that we designed, ordered, built and tested everything ourselves in just 5 months. We learned a lot by realising the whole project process from start to completion. And it was a success too!

tech internship

With three other students, we got a great internship assignment: develop a loading unit to test products at actual speed in our machines.


Two of us were involved in software development and together with another student, I worked on the mechanical part.

The importance of this assignment?

Until then, machines at Lan were always tested at a lower speed by placing products by hand on the supply conveyor before the line was connected to a filler machine. With our loading unit the capacity went up to 70 pouches per track per minute. The benefit: we are now able to test more realistically and solve possible errors earlier in the process. All of this thanks to the effort and commitment of four interns! And three of us are still working at Lan.