Pet food production

Meeting the high production volumes

Increasing demand for pet food production

Pet food production

Packaging types
We have a lot of experience in handling common pet food packaging, such as pouches, cans and semi-rigid containers. D
o you have a different package? Do not hesitate to contact us. Together we will make it work.

Like no other industry,


the pet food industry is confronted with the increasing demand for higher pet food production volumes and variation in product range.

Wet pet food
Gone is the time that pets are served the same bowl of dry food every day. Among pet owners you see a continuous shift in consumer demand for higher quality nutrients. Trends such as grain-free, raw and protein-rich food can be well applied in wet pet food. Wet pet food must be sterilised. And we are good at that.

The higher quality and variety of pet food in general also places higher demands on the machines on which they are produced. Flexibility and short changeover times are just as important as hygienic design and good cleanability of the machines. Our handling systems give you that certainty.

Trends we anticipate with our handling systems

  • arrow-checkmarkInnovative packaging trends (uncommon form? we can handle it)
  • arrow-checkmarkMultipack for different flavors
  • arrow-checkmarkShort changeover times
  • arrow-checkmarkGood cleanability of the machines
Ready to boost your volume?

Variety Pack System infographic

Variety Pack - Automated solutions

Consumer demands and today’s busy lifestyle create great opportunities for producing variety packs! But how do you get started? Check out 4 important points to deal with!

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Drying system_dewater can

We specialise in drying systems

Your products dry enough to be packaged immediately after the sterilisation process? We’re happy to advice you. Results of only 0.04 g of residual water per product can be achieved.

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Solutions that help you grow

Pouch handling - retort room

Pouch handling

Looking for a flexible solution for the handling of different types of packaging? Benefit from our space-saving robot handling solution.

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canned food production line

Can and jar handling

Handling cans or jars? Check out our magnetic, vacuum or sweep solutions with a very high output – up to 1200 units per minute.

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Alu tray handling

Semi-rigid container handling

Plastic or aluminium containers? Benefit from our high output linear or robotic solutions. Up to 500 units per minute.

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Retort Shuttle

Retort shuttle

Reduce your maintenance costs with our unique tongue solution that works without any mechanical parts in the retort.

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