Wet pet food production

Meeting the high production volumes

Growing demand drives pet food production

Like no other industry, the pet food industry is confronted with the increasing demand for higher pet food production volumes and variation in product range. Gone is the time that pets are served the same bowl of dry food every day. Among pet owners you see a continuous shift in consumer demand for higher quality nutrients. Trends such as grain-free, raw and protein-rich food can be well applied in wet pet food. 

The higher quality and variety of pet food in general also places higher demands on the machines on which they are produced. Flexibility and short changeover times are just as important as hygienic design and good cleanability of the machines. Our handling systems give you that certainty.

  • arrow-checkmarkEfficient handling of various (innovative) packaging forms
  • arrow-checkmarkProducing variety packs? Benefit from our automated unloading solution
  • arrow-checkmarkIn case of wide product variety: short changeover times guaranteed
  • arrow-checkmarkGood cleanability of the machines

Highlighted: pet food production project

We have installed a fully automated pet food handling system for 4 different can sizes. To respond to the growing demand for wet pet food, Vet Concept decided to bring in this production.

  • Old situation
    Production at external co-packer.
  • New situation
    Automated handling system for cans (100g, 200g, 400g and 800g). Capacity of up to 700 cans per minute.
  • How it works?
    Cans arrive at the loader and are placed layer by layer in the basket. A shuttle transports the filled baskets in and out of the retorts. After dewatering, the cans continue to the packaging machines.
Pouch handling - retort room

Pouch handling

A flexible solution for the handling of different types of wet pet food packaging: range between 50 g and 300 g.

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Retort Shuttle

Retort Shuttle

Automate the manual loading and unloading of your retorts with our shuttle including a tongue solution.

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In-line dryer

In-line dryer

Improve the reliability of your packaging process with our unique in-line dryer: extremely good drying results!

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Variety pack unloading robots

Variety Pack unloader

Producing variety packs? Make sure your process runs efficiently with our automated unloading solutions.

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