Meat, fish, poultry (topseal and skinpack)

High capacity & gentle handling in one

meat packing lines

Poultry, fish & meat: ready for product variety

Traditionally, we often eat a piece of chicken, fish or meat as the main ingredient of our meal. But certainly in recent years, health-conscious consumers have accelerated market developments. As a result, organic, sustainable and plant-based alternatives are increasingly demanded.

The product range is growing, as is the diversity of packaging forms. Our flexible automation solutions help you quickly respond to changing needs and stand out in the market.

  • arrow-checkmarkChanging a product, pattern or carrier? You control it at the push of a button
  • arrow-checkmarkGentle handling (and clean top seals!) thanks to the formation of products
  • arrow-checkmarkModular concept: higher capacity within reach
Crate Erector

Crate Erector

Do you use folding crates? This machine automatically unfolds your full or half crates at high speed.

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Destacker / stacker for crates


Automate heavy and expensive manual labour by stacking and destacking your crates at high speed.

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Meat packing lines

Case packing

Extremely accurate product placement in boxes and crates possible by using a 6-axis robotic arm.

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Collect 20 crates, boxes or bags per minute in your desired pattern.

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Highlighted: meat packing lines project

We have realized this project at a family-owned meat processing company and supplier to supermarkets.

To optimise their production process and to reduce the labour costs, this customer has bought our case packers.

  • Old situation
    Manual packing.
  • New situation
    2 case packers place MAP tray products into boxes.
  • How it works?
    MAP tray meat packages and empty boxes are conveyed to our case packer and then filled. The overhanging edge of the cardboard box is no problem thanks to our 6-axis robot.
  • Payback period
    < 2 years

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