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Canning of food products is a preservation method, which includes, among others, the sterilisation process to achieve an optimal shelf-life. Lan Handling Technologies is highly skilled in designing and integrating robust canned food lines for the loading and unloading of batch retorts. Whether you are producing pouches, alu trays, cans or jars: we can handle it.

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Canned food: handling convenience packaging

The canned food market is growing,


thanks to the rising urban population that prefers easy and convenient food. Small, easy and ready-to-cook meals are gaining popularity. At the same time, consumers are increasingly demanding and you are faced with challenges in the field of packaging sustainability. Lan Handling can be of service to you on these topics.

Whether it concerns cans, jars or the higher valued pouch packaging, we have an automated solution for all your ideas and product variety. Automation allows you to easily and efficiently produce different flavors. In addition, issues such as food safety and traceability are fully under control thanks to our software.

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  • arrow-checkmarkHigh speed handling systems: up to 10 layers per minute
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Pouch handling - retort room

Pouch handling

A flexible solution for the handling of different types of packaging: ranging from 50 g to 2.000 g.

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Drying system_dewater can

De-water system

Improve the reliability of your packaging process with our de-water system (tilting up to 80 degrees!).

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Autoclave equipment

Can and jar handling

High output magnetic, vacuum or sweep solutions up to 1.200 aunits per minute. Different size = easy changeover.

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Retort Shuttle

Retort shuttle

Automate the manual loading and unloading of your retorts with our shuttle including a tongue solution.

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We only need 350 m2 (!).


On this surface we have integrated an extremely flexible pouch handling system for the handling of stand-up pouches.

  • Old situation
    Production at external co-packer.
  • New situation
    Automated handling system for pouches (225g, 500g, 550g and 2.000g).
  • How it works?
    This solution consists of only 1 robot that fulfills the function of both the loader and unloader. Our software ensures a 100% food safety. Loading and unloading of the retorts takes places fully automated with a retort shuttle.

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