Baby food production

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baby food production

Baby Food trends we anticipate with our product handling systems

  • arrow-checkmarkSafety first! Thanks to our software and track-and-trace systems 100% food safety is guaranteed
  • arrow-checkmarkAbility to handle all kinds of convenience packaging for busy parents; portable, easy-to-open, re-sealable
  • arrow-checkmarkMulti flavour packaging solutions; great way to introduce babies to various flavours

Only the best is good enough for future generations.


The production of high-quality baby food not only places high demands on the quality and safety of the product itself but also on the sustainable use of, for example, the means of production used, human labour and suppliers. We provide data regarding the behaviour of both the machines and the operating staff. Data related to energy consumption, quality and traceability of production and product are available for continuous analysis and optimisation.

Baby food production lines
We have worldwide experience with the design and manufacturing of baby food production lines. Both for food sterilisation and End-of-Line solutions. Growth in the baby food market is also expected in the coming years: rapid urbanization, middle-class growth and the ever-growing number of working mothers has encouraged acceptance of comfort-oriented lifestyles, making prepared baby food more sought after.

Baby Food production lines

Solutions that help you grow

Pouch handling - retort room

Pouch handling

Looking for a flexible solution for the handling of different types of packaging? Benefit from our space-saving robot handling solution.

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canned food production line

Can and jar handling

Handling cans or jars? Check out our magnetic, vacuum or sweep solutions with a very high output – up to 1200 units per minute.

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Alu tray handling

Semi-rigid container handling

Plastic or aluminium containers? Benefit from our high output linear or robotic solutions. Up to 500 units per minute.

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Case packing

Case packing

User-friendly system for efficiently loading bags, trays, stretch or flow wrapped products into crates or cardboard boxes.

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