Baby food production

A sustainable approach is the future

Fully automated baby food production lines: ready for the future

The highest safety standards apply in the production of baby food. With the handling systems of Lan Handling Technologies you can assure yourself of a 100% food-safe production process. Benefit from our experience worldwide. Whether your product is in a squeeze bag, jar or cup: our solutions have perfect integration with, for example, fillers and autoclaves. This gives you a grip on the entire supply chain.

baby food production

Baby food production: quality and safety

Prepared baby food is gaining popularity.


How come? This is partly due to the increasing number of working mothers, which increases the acceptance of convenient packaging and comfort food. Easy-to-warm meals, handy fruit cups and squeeze bags: this type of packaging poses challenges in terms of handling. Lan Handling has years of experience with this.

In addition, you want 100% certainty that the baby food you make is properly sterilized and therefore safe to use. Benefit from smart functions and control steps in the software of our handling systems. In addition, opt for the integration of a practical track-and-trace system or sampling function for quick control of products from a certain batch.

  • arrow-checkmarkSafety first! Thanks to our software and track-and-trace systems 100% food safety is guaranteed
  • arrow-checkmarkHandling all kinds of convenience packaging for busy parents; portable, easy-to-open, re-sealable
  • arrow-checkmarkVariety Packs (multi flavour)? Automate your production efficiently!
Pouch handling - retort room

Pouch handling

A flexible solution for the handling of different types of packaging: stand-up pouches and squeeze bags.

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Pattern former can jar handling

Can and jar handling

High output magnetic, vacuum or sweep solutions up to 1200 units per minute. Different size = quick changeover.

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Drying system_dewater can

De-water system

Improve the reliability of your packaging process with our drying system (tilts up to 80 degrees!).

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Case packing

Retort shuttle

Automate the manual loading and unloading of your autoclaves with our shuttle including ‘tongue’.

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Companies and brands we work for

Want to see our handling systems in practice?

Want to see our handling systems in practice?

Product handling for Hipp
Product handling for Tilda
Ella's Kitchen

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