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Human food

If your business is all about producing high volumes, choose a reliable canned food line that lowers your Total Cost of Ownership. Our fully automated handling systems ensure a high uptime and mimimum maintenance costs.

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Wet pet food

Serving your pets the same bowl of dry food every day? That time has passed. Higher quality nutrients can be well applied in wet pet food production. Let's tackle the challenge together to meet the high production volumes.

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Baby food

Rapid urbanization and the ever-growing number of working mothers has encouraged acceptance of comfort-oriented lifestyles, making prepared baby food more sought after. Ready for a sustainable approach?

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As the demand for agri food rises, customers are becoming more demanding: they want safe, fresh and if possible fully traceable products. This requires efficient and innovative onion, carrot and potato packing lines.

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Prepared salads

Benefit from high capacity and extremely flexible automation solutions for packing prepared salads. Our standard robot cell can handle different packaging shapes, allowing you to run a variety across one line.

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Lan Handling Technologies demonstrates a high level of expertise in the design and seamless integration of beverage production lines. Tailored for the loading and unloading of batch retorts.

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Meat, fish, poultry

We design complete packing lines for meat, fish and poultry products in top seal or skinpack packaging. The handling of additional sleeves is also effortless thanks to our robot solutions.

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