What is autoclave equipment?

By autoclave equipment we mean all tools needed to load autoclaves.

When we look specifically at the food and pharma industry, you can think of trays in which pouches or tubs can be placed. Baskets to load cans and jars. In addition we also handle baskets also layer pads, to separate the product layers from each other. In the case of manual loading, transportation trolleys are other types of required handling accessories.

Autoclave equipment

The importance of proper autoclave equipment?

The use of the correct type of autoclave equipment offers two very important advantages:

on the one hand, the correct design of trays, baskets and layer pads is crucial for an optimal heat treatment of the end product. On the other hand, it contributes to a safer and better ergonomic working environment for operators. Thanks to the 500+ handling systems that we have installed worldwide, we are happy to advise you on which equipment best suits your handling process and autoclaves.

  • arrow-checkmarkCrucial for an optimal heat treatment of the end product
  • arrow-checkmarkContributes to a safe and ergonomic working environment for operators
Retort room can


When we consider a semi-automatic handling system, the only manual operation within this system, is to load and unload the autoclaves. This, among other things, can be done with trolleys. Knowing that an average basket or stack weighs between 800 and 1,500 kg, we design safe and user-friendly trolley docks, so that physical labour and risk is kept to a minimum.

Autoclave equipment


Make sure that your trays are suitable for robot handling. We design our robots with a tray separation system, so that even slightly deformed trays can continue to run in your process for a long time. In addition, take advantage of our reversible trays for handling two different stack heights and two different products at the same time. Read more about a project in which we developed a special tray.

Autoclave equipment


Depending on the heat treatment of your product, you might use a basket with guide bars or with completely closed sides. Whatever type of basket or size you choose for your production process, we know how to handle it. Do you strive for a high level of food safety and traceability? We have lots of experience within the in integration of multi-code readers or scanners on baskets.

Autoclave equipment

Layer pad

Layer pads are needed to separate the product layers in baskets. They ensure proper stacking and efficient unloading after sterilization. These layer pads preferably have as few ‘blind spots’ as possible to guarantee a good heat treatment. After all, the core of the products in the middle of the basket must also be properly heated. We tailor the automated ‘pick and place’ of your layer pads to your needs.

Retort shuttle

Retort shuttle: next level autoclave equipment

If you are looking for a fully automated solution to load and unload your autoclaves,

consider integrating a shuttle into your production line. How does it work? Our shuttle transports a batch of product carriers to an available autoclave. An extending ‘tongue’ lifts the carriers and moves them inside. No mechanical parts are needed in the autoclave, so therefore this solution requires less maintenance.

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