Industrial autoclave

What is an industrial autoclave?

These are hermetically sealed, cylindric pressure vessels in which large volumes of product can be processed at high pressure and temperature. By heating the product for a given amount of time, bacteria and spores are killed. Industrial autoclaves can be used for a wide variety of industries and applications. In addition to sterilizing batches of canned and packaged food, you will find these autoclaves in the medical sector, wood and aerospace industry, among others.

Food & pharma

Lan Handling Technologies has been designing, building and installing handling systems for automatic and efficient loading and unloading of industrial autoclaves for more than fifty years, primarily in the food and pharma industry.

Industrial autoclave loading

Who we are...

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  • arrow-checkmarkSpecialist in autoclave loading and unloading processes
  • arrow-checkmarkAll kinds of products: pouches, tubs, cans, jars, bottles

Autoclave equipment

The integration of autoclaves in your food or pharma production process goes hand in hand with the utilization of equipment,

such as layer pads, trays (for pouches and tubs) or baskets (for cans and jars). As a specialist in the design of fully automatic and semi-automatic systems, we know how to deal with all kinds of industrial autoclave equipment.

Retort pouch handling tray for autoclave
Retort room shuttle

Types of autoclave

The most critical point in your food production process?

Selecting the right type of autoclave. The choice you make depends on determining the most suitable thermal process for your specific product. It is the heat treatment that affects the ultimate quality of the end product. We offer you automated handling solutions which are compatible with all kinds of autoclaves (size and diameter) from manufacturers like: Allpax, JBT, Steriflow, Steritech, Surdry and more.

Autoclave sterilization

The demand for safe, shelf-stable food remains high. Now and in the future.

Today’s busy lifestyle even increases the demand for easy, quick-to-prepare products. Autoclave sterilization is one of the processing technologies applied to preserve packaged foods. Most of our customers produce baby food, ready to eat meals, soups and wet pet food. In the field of autoclave sterilization, we are experts in realizing a safe and efficient production environment.

Industrial autoclave food
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