Human food

Responding to the variation in product range

Switch quickly and easily

Food safety, food protection, and the sustainability of both your production and packaging materials:

these are topics of great importance in your production environment and in a social context. Our years of experience means we can be of service to you on these topics. For example, our software guarantees, that it is impossible for non-sterilised products to end up with the end user. We are also happy to help you with the development and deployment of new innovative packaging and the flexible production of both mono and multi-flavour product ranges.

Whether it concerns cans, jars or pouch packaging, we have innovative and suitable solutions for all your ideas and product variants.

Solutions that help you grow

Pouch handling

Looking for a flexible solution for the handling of different types of packaging? Benefit from our space-saving robot handling solution.

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Can and jar handling

Handling cans or jars? Check out our very high output magnetic, vacuum or sweep solutions – up to 1,200 units per minute.

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Semi-rigid container handling

Plastic or aluminium containers? Benefit from our high output linear or robotic solutions. Up to 500 units per minute.

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Retort shuttle

Reduce your maintenance costs with our unique tongue solution that works without any mechanical parts in the retort.

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