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First simulations available to increase understanding of product handling

Want to start automating your sterilisation process? Or are you considering integrating End-of-Line systems?


With the simulations of Lan Handling Technologies you will gain more insight into issues surrounding the automation of a production environment.

Understanding and fine-tuning
Using the simulations of our product handling systems for sterilisation processes, our customers can see what their pouch, tub, can or jar production line will look like, even before it is built. By going through various scenarios, the flexibility of the handling system becomes clearly visible. In addition, it offers starting points to identify potential bottlenecks and work out the most optimal layout.

Training purposes
The simulation of the robot case packer shows that this digital application can also be used as a training tool. In today’s times when production personnel are scarce, it becomes more important to put these people in positions where they can add even more value. We therefore see simulations as the way to increase support and ownership among your operators!

Check out our simulation tools!

Cooperation Unit040

The simulations were developed in collaboration with Unit040 from Eindhoven.


Unit040 uses the Digital Twin platform PREspective, which allows users to simulate the behavior of a system before it even exists. Using the power of the virtual world, a system can become fully interactive; visible and interactive on the screen, but also in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.