Food production line

Everything you need to know about automation in the food industry

What is a food production line?

Most of the food worldwide is produced on a food production line. In simple terms this is a chain of processes where the machinery and worker(s) work together to produce a product. After combining and processing the ingredients, packaging and labeling the product is ready to be sold to the customers. In the traditional way of production, a single food production line is designed to process a few variants of the same product.

Serve the consumer

Nowadays consumer demands in the food industry change quickly. There seems to be more demand for different packaging, flavours and other customizations. A certain flexibility is required if you want to adapt your product to match those consumer needs. With an automated food production line you can easily produce batches of your food with different colors, sizes and flavours.

Lan Handling

Automated food packaging

An automated food production line consists of a sequence of different food processing machines, transportation or handling and end-of-line solutions like packing and palletizing. It’s a complicated system that is tuned to the needs of your company. The bigger the production chain and the more interfaces with different types of equipment, the greater the challenge. Balancing the line speeds within all machines is of great importance when it comes to production line efficiency.

The costs of automation in the food industry

Technology keeps improving, therefore an automated food production line doesn’t need any human “interference”. This means that your company needs less employees to make great batches of your food-products. A high quality food production line might be an investment in the beginning, but it helps you to reduce costs in the long run.

Traditional v.s. automated food production lines

Both the traditional (manual operated) and the automated food production line will combine all the materials and ingredients to create the final product. The main differences being efficiency, flexibility, precision and the improvements you realize in the field of food safety and ergonomics. For example, when automating you can easily deal with an increased variation in product packaging or flavours. Thanks to your automated solution, you don’t have to worry about changing your whole production line. The automation of our packaging solutions enables you to minimize your production costs by reducing the amount of employees needed to keep the production line running.

Food packaging machinery

What kind of machinery will you find in an automated food production line? We can be of help in two categories. The first being “sterilised product handling”, where you’ll find solutions for the automated loading of your food products into retorts. And the second being “end-of-line automation”, which is used to pack your food products ready for market, by packing them into crates and boxes or staple them onto pallets.

Lan Handling – Your partner in food packaging solutions

Lan Handling helps you to optimize the production flow of your food products. It does not matter if you are looking for automation solutions for agri food, ready meals or meat and poultry products or if you are interested in more specific products that need to be sterilized like soups, dairy, baby food or wet pet food. Lan Handling has got you covered for all your production needs.