End-of-Line automation for the food and packaging industry

Benefit from efficiency, flexibility and improved ergonomics

Prepare your production process for 'the next step'!

These dynamic times in the food industry require a keen eye on your production process. What about the efficiency? And topics such as traceability and ergonomics? How to deal with the labour shortage? By automating your production lines, you remain competitive and you can stand out!

Whatever your challenge is, we are ready.

What is End-of-Line automation?

End-of-Line automation is all about automated machinery at the end of a production line, that ensure that the product already produced is packaged ready for market.


Sometimes the term “secondary packaging” is used for this. By this, we mean that the original product is packed in, for example, a box, dolly, crate or tray.

Lan Handling Technologies designs and integrates End-of-Line automation systems. The center of our end-of-line solution is often our (robot) case packer or palletising system. Depending on your needs, this can easily be extended with crate stackers / destackers, crate erectors and bale arm folders.

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Why choose End-of-Line automation? 5 reasons

# 1 - Meeting rising demand for food


The growth and prosperity of the world population will cause food demand to grow by as much as 60% in 2050 compared to 2015. This calls for efficient and innovative food production processes to meet the increased demand. End-of-line automation of your machinery can contribute to this.

# 2 - Solving the labour shortage


Until 2030, it is estimated that only in the Netherlands already 40,000 people will reach retirement age (source: ING, Foodtech report). The influx of new employees is urgently needed, but heavy and simple work is not in demand. End-of-Line automation can largely solve the shortage of staff and allow your staff to specialize in other areas.

Crate erector step 3
End of Line automation

# 3 - Improving food safety


Society and consumers are becoming increasingly critical. Food is preferably as fresh as possible, traceable and of course completely safe. End-of-Line automation can improve food safety through the integration of robots. Less human interference in the production process reduces the risk of errors.

# 4 - Improve ergonomics


Employees who manually stack heavy crates or boxes day in, day out? Then outages lurk. End-of-Line automation can greatly improve the ergonomics in your production process. Chances are that you will always need good employees in key positions, which is why the focus is increasingly on the interaction between man and machine.

# 5 - Customer is king


And that means: you might be facing an increasing variation in product packaging. Because nowadays, there is a specific product type for almost each type of customer. With End-of-Line automation you can ensure a dynamic production process, which can efficiently respond to smaller batches, many variants with fast changes.

Why End-of-Line automation by Lan?

Our engineers and technicians are experts in the design and construction of machines and packaging lines.


The challenge lies in connecting and integrating our End-of-Line solutions with existing machines and equipment from other suppliers. Think of a smooth interface with your infeed machines or automated guided vehicles (AGVs).

Your sparring partner

How can we process the capacity you have requested with our existing or minimally adapted end-of-line automation systems? How many different types of products do you want to be able to run over the line in the future? And how many different product patterns do you want to be able to handle per secondary packaging? These are questions we are happy to address with you.

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8x case studies: robotic End-of-Line solutions

Potatoes, onions, carrots in bags or nets

Potatoes, onions, carrots in bags or nets

We have helped fresh produce traders
save labour and increase production line speed. How? For example with a robot solution to load both dollies and crates.

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End of line automation ready meals

Ready meals

Check how we have successfully automated production lines at ready-made meal suppliers throughout Europe. The result? A substantial labour saving and almost a doubling of speed.

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End of line automation top sealed

Skin packed or top sealed meat, fish, poultry

From case packers with a 6-axis robot to a fully automated line with stackers and bale arm openers: that is how we gave the capacity a huge boost with our handling systems.

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End of Line automation flowwrap cookie

Flow wrap cookies or fruit

We have moved 3 sites into 1 by integrating box erectors, case packers and palletising solutions at a global supplier to the in-store bakery and retail.

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End of Line automation vegetables

Vegetables in bag

To up speed the production process at a producer of very specialised vegetables, we integrated 7 double case packers including line tracking.

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