Robot handling

Industrial robots are increasingly becoming the standard within our handling solutions.

  • Robots offer customers more flexibility. The robot head can simply be adapted to start handling a different type of product packaging.
  • Robots offer customers lower operational costs. Robots require significantly less maintenance compared to conventional solutions.
  • Robots generally need less space within a production line compared to a conventional solution. This makes robot a more cost efficient solution. 

The most standard robot solution we offer works with a stopper belt that instantly positions pouches correctly for Pick & Place. Subsequently the pouches are placed on a formation belt to be picked-up by the robot.

The robot tool or head is designed, assembled and built by us, all in stainless steel. We also design the specific control software for it.
A robot solution typically consists of a loader/unloader and conveyor belts. Additional options can be a shuttle for automatic transport to and from the steriliser and a separate tray turning unit.
All our systems are built up out of stainless steel using the best components available in the market.

Our experiences with Kuka as a robot supplier are positive. We work well with them in projects. We do however work equally well with other robot suppliers like ABB and Fanuc with whom we have good relations and experiences as well.

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