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For boxes, bales, crates, sacks, totes and bottles

From small to large objects, single or multiple product handling and payloads from 5kg to 200kg we have a robotic palletising solution that is designed for performance, available space and budget.

Our robotic layouts can be adapted and expanded as production grows. Starting with a simple low cost layout with pallets positioned on the floor the system can be expanding into a more advanced pallet handling solution with empty pallet magazine, transfer conveyors and wrapping or strapping system. 

Benefits of Robotic Palletising


Multiple production lines
Several production lines can feed into one robot palletiser saving space and cost. One robot can load several pallet positions simultaneously.

Multifuction grippers
Grippers can be designed to place layer sheets, pallets and handle different products. (add images)

Low cost of ownership
Since the robot does most of the movements conventional parts are minimised.  Very little can go wrong compared to conventional systems.Robots have a long operation life (15+ years) and performance does not degrade over time.

Future proof - protect your investment
Easy to adjust for new products and layer patterns. Robot palletisers are not left or right handed so can easily be reconfigured or relocated as production lines change.

Palletising Examples

 buckets and bags  Crate and Box Palletising Shrink baled bags
 Bucket and Bag Palletising  Palletising Crates and Boxes Shrink Bale Palletising 

 Full Stack De-Palletising

  Internal crates are de-palletised and sent to de-stackers at the back end of stretch wrap and labelling lines.

 Full Stack De Palletising 1  Full Stack De Palletising 2  Shuttle Car De palletised stacks

 Box Loading and Palletising  

 Bottle Loading and Palletising 1  Bottle Loading and Palletising  Case Packing and Palletising 1
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