René Jumelet

Technical Buyer

My name is René Jumelet. I was born in Rotterdam but I’ve been living in Dongen, Noord-Brabant since 1985.

I started working at Lan Handling Technologies 5 years ago. Following high school I’ve never stopped studying. Over the years I’ve built up a good technical background. This knowledge has proven to be very useful in my current job as Technical Buyer here at Lan Handling Technologies.

What I appreciate about Lan Handling Technologies is the open and informal atmosphere. I feel at home. My colleagues respect my practical, honest and direct personality. We often work in projects where we have to work closely together, but we also have our own independent tasks and responsibilities to fulfil. Together with Leon and Esther, my colleagues from Purchasing, we form the “Buyers Team”. 

What I also value about Lan Handling Technologies is the good work-life balance. People work hard but within regular work hours.

I feel comfortable in my job but this doesn’t mean that I’m not critical about my own performance. My manager and colleagues from HR help me to identify improvement areas so that I can continue developing myself.

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