Remco Kennes

Electrical Engineer

My name is Remco and I'm 27 years old. 4 years ago I started at Lan Handling Technologies as an electrician. I was looking for a new challenge and would like to work with a machine builder. In the four years that I now work at Lan, I have already taken great steps in my development. Where I started as an electrician I am currently working as an Electrical Engineer and I am responsible for the design of the electrical part of our machines. Within a project, I work closely with a multidisciplinary project team. That cooperation is educational and provides the necessary alternation.
What attracted me to Lan was the fact that I could travel for my job. Also the team feeling that is so clearly present within the company greatly encouraged me. I enjoy working here. Cooperation with colleagues is very good. There is an informal corporate culture that I personally prefer. My efforts are appreciated and I can continue to develop myself because Lan always provides me with the tools and support I need.

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