Kevin Reijnen

Technical Sales Manager

My name is Kevin. As Technical Sales Manager I am responsible for sales of machines within the countries/regions Benelux, Germany, Russia and the US. In addition to that, I am responsible for worldwide sales of handling systems within the pharmaceutical industry. 

I joined Lan Handling Technologies as a student. I studied mechanical engineering and then completed my internship at here. Directly after graduation, Lan Handling Technologies offered me the position of Sales Support engineer where I became responsible for the support of both the Service and Sales departments. During this period, Lan Handling Technologies provided me the opportunity of taking classes at Technical Business School and after two years, I was appointed as Technical Sales Manager.

One of the best things about my job is the process I go through with customers in finding the most ideal solution for them that ultimately works for us as well. Thanks to the enormous variety of customer specific requirements, this is an interesting and fun challenge every time. the International character of my job is also a big plus to me. It allows me to meet with many different cultures and to see something of the world during my business travels.

I was introduced to Lan Handling Technologies through a friend. The story he told about the company really enthused me. Once I initiated my internship, I was easily convinced about the products Lan Handling Technologies makes. The machines are designed, assembled and tested in-house after which our teams take care of proper installation onsite. The beauty of it is that we get to see all the machines in action while they’re being tested at Lan Handling Technologies. I also really appreciate the company culture: short communication lines, informal teamwork and great outings. 

I wanted to make an alternative contribution to the company, which is why I joined the Works Council in 2013. It’s interesting to learn about all aspects and current business within the company and to be able to exercise influence on certain points. 

Thanks to all the opportunities handed to me and the valuable coaching from my Manager, I have grown significantly in the past 7 years while working for Lan Handling Technologies.

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